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"We aim to build long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, based on trust and providing tangible value to their organisation."

Who we are

We are a partnership of entrepreneurial agencies, with offices across Europe and an expanding international presence in Asia, the Americas and beyond.
We are: passionate and motivated; creative and solutions driven; hard working and dedicated; and nimble and adaptable. [...]

What we do

We specialise in advocacy and strategic communications: Whether it is managing a regulatory threat, building a client's reputation to increase market share, or communicating with their stakeholders in a time of crisis, we are your trusted partner there to help. [...]

Who we work for

We work for clients big and small, from established multinational leaders to start-up market disruptors. We support our clients locally, nationally and internationally with activities ranging from targeted advocacy and communication projects to multi-market campaigns. [...]

SEC Global is:

  • 1. Passionate and motivated
  • 2. Creative and solutions driven
  • 3. Hard working and dedicated
  • 4. Nimble and adaptable