Thanks to the integral approach of its method, and the different specializations of a team of professionals and subsidiaries who are used to working together, and to its cooperation with advertising agencies, research institutes, production companies, artists and scriptwriters, SEC Group is capable of coordinating and developing multidisciplinary strategies and projects such as:

  • positioning and corporate identity
  • brand reputation
  • branded content
  • large events
  • integrated advertising and PR campaigns
  • exhibitions and educational tours.


Thanks to the know-how developed by SEC Group over the years in the countries in which it operates, it is capable of assisting companies and institutions in all the dimensions of communications, from corporate to marketing, to internal communications, guaranteeing both specialized competences (media relations 2.0, social networking, events) and an integrated and transversal vision and working method. In particular,

  • brand equity management
  • economic-financial communications
  • corporate social responsibility
  • customer communications
  • internal communications
  • health care.


SEC Group offers the following activities in each country in which it operates, as well as at the European Union and other international organizations:

  • lobbying & public affairs
  • issue management
  • crisis & reputation management
  • community relations and consensus building
  • political communications

to companies, associations and governments and candidates, through vertical competences, with an approach that integrates a strategic vision, legal and communication competences, case- and context-specific research, and transparent relations.