SEC Group is a global partnership of entrepreneurs, whose agencies are specialized in advocacy, public relations and communications strategies.

The parent company SEC SpA was founded in 1989 in Italy, and today is the country's leading public relations agency in terms of turnover, fees and international development. The headquarters are in Milan; in Europe the subsidiaries of the Group – Cambre, ACH Cambre, Kohl PR, Newington and Martis Consulting – operate respectively in Brussels, Madrid and Berlin, London and Warsaw; in America SEC Latam operates in Bogotà. They all control important market shares in their countries.

Starting from August 3rd, 2017, SEC is the second shareholder of Porta Communication Plc, the communication and marketing group listed on AIM London Stock Exchange as well.

With the entry in the Porta Communications Plc shareholding, SEC acquired an even stronger leadership in different strategical markets.
Porta Communications Plc is already present with its own brands, like Newgate Communications, Redleaf Communications, Publicasity, 2112 Communications and Summit Marketing Services, in:

SEC SpA has a consolidated turnover of about 22 million euro. In order to support its strategic business plan, which envisages the consolidation of the company’s development in Europe, with a view to subsequently expanding to the rest of the world, SEC SpA was admitted to trading on the AIM market of the London Stock Exchange on the 26th of July, 2016.

"Today marks a key milestone for SEC and our growth plans. Being quoted in London will give us the opportunity to accelerate our acquisition strategy and leverage our position as one of the leading European public relations and advocacy communications agencies"
Fiorenzo Tagliabue, CEO and founder SEC

SEC SpA AIM listing ceremony - Watch the video

Our agencies cover the segment of the market known as Public Relations, which was once under the budget line. Once upon a time there was above the line and below the line. Media and new media. Corporate communication and marketing communication. That was back then and in some cases this is still true today. But in our “liquid society”, the lines dividing these have become fluid and the contamination of means and languages means that we see communication in a very different light. A thought that may be “liquid” but that is anything but weak, as it is capable of digging deep, adding value and nourishing the network of relationships that keep the world going round.

Each day, the agencies of the SEC Group face this challenge, together with companies, organisations and institutions, making the effort to communicate truly useful and profitable.


Luigi Roth, Non-Executive Chairman
Fiorenzo Tagliabue, CEO
Mark Glover, Executive Director
Tom Parker, Executive Director
Cesare Valli, Executive Director
Paola Bruno, Non-Executive Director
David Mathewson, Non-Executive Director
Anna Milito, CFO