SEC S.p.A. has acquired a majority shareholding in Bellenden Limited (trading as Newington) in line with its stated acquisition strategy and specifically referred to the Admission document dated 20 July 2016.
Newington was found, firstly as Bellenden, ten years ago by Mark Glover and Phil Briscoe and has got offices in London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester and Chelmsford.

According to Sec strategy, the existing management, who will hold the minority shareholding, will continue to run the business, retaining the values, culture and ethos for which Newington is known to date.
Mark Glover and Phil Briscoe, moreover, will be part of the management committee of the SEC Group, the entity whose members are all the managing directors of the SEC companies.

“This agreement” Fiorenzo Tagliabue said - Tagliabue is SEC Group’s founder and CEO “allows us to reach two fundamental goals: have a presence in an unavoidable market such the British one, with a partner that combined a strong track record in the sector with a forward-looking approach when it comes to developing new integrated campaigning techniques, and that is on the front foot when it comes to transparency and ethics.”

“We are very proud” Mark Glover said, Newington’s Ceo and founder “to be part of Sec Group. With Sec Group we share the same vision of the market and the same values, culture and ethos that have been the foundation of our success to date.
Phil Briscoe, Managing Director and co-founder, undelines that the innovative Sec business model, a partnership of independently run consultancies which are encouraged to retain the unique qualities, gives the possibility to be part of an international partnership that enables a greater level of client service and delivery.”