London, Tuesday July 26th, h 7:40 am: from the balcony overlooking the trading floor, the London Stock Exchange, the figure of Marcus Stuttard - Head of UK Primary Markets and Head of AIM, welcomes SEC Spa and admits its ordinary shares to trading on AIM. It is with great emotion that we want to share with you with this video of the Open Market Ceremony, which was also attended by Vincenzo Celeste, Minister Counselor of the Italian Embassy in London, and the highlights of Fiorenzo Tagliabue speech.

“This morning-meeting in London is not an arrival for our Group but instead a point of departure. From now on, we intend to apply extra resolve, to pursuing the project we told the investors about during our roadshow in London and Milan: to build a global partnership that acts as a hub of entrepreneurs who focus their activities and strategies on the businesses and reputation of our clients. 

[…] The first requirement for this to happen is the full development of our associates, along with attracting more talented professionals; this is why, in our first capital increase, we have reserved 675,000 warrants for STOCK GRANTS for all our employees in all the countries where we work; other kinds of incentives will follow to encourage more direct participation in our company’s life and responsibilities.

Now we must think about accelerating our development as quickly as possible. The first Board of Directors after the IPO will meet in Milan on  July 28th […] and it will analyze the file on the acquisition in the UK that has been announced in our Admission document.”

Watch the video with ceremony highlights.