From July 1 SEC Group nominated Tom Parker, formerly the CEO of Brussels subsidiary Cambre Associates, as Group Chief Sales Officer, a new position created to foster new business efforts and focus at global level.

“It was time – Fiorenzo Tagliabue the Group Ceo stated – that the Group created a new central function to support our expansion and internationalization from a marketing and commercial perspective. We are delighted that Tom has agreed to lead in this role”.

The remit and responsibilities of the new commercial and marketing function are such  that it will be supported from the very beginning by another senior manager from the SEC Group, Maurizio Maione who has been in charge of the Group’s international activities to date. The function has dedicated resources to fulfil its priority tasks of refreshing the  SEC global offer and USP of the network, while targeting international prospects and supporting international expansion. In parallel, the team will work on developing a new set of l tools and services in order to deliver to the Group’s unique offer and vision.

“We are privileged – Tagliabue added – that an internal solution could be found to respond to this important milestone in our development. It enables us to be hit the ground running with nearly no warm up or induction to the Group needed, since the two senior officers know well the Group, its vision and its distinctive business model”.

Tom Parker has left his post of Ceo at Cambre and Associates to Victoria Main, an experienced member of the senior team who joined the consultancy in 2014. Parker will continue to support Cambre’s new management team as the new President of the operation.

“I wish Tom good luck – Fiorenzo Tagliabue said - and I am confident they will have a positive impact in boosting our commercial reach, helping SEC make further inroads  in the extremely competitive arena of multinational communications and advisory brands. A market where, for EU related issues Cambre, thanks to Victoria’s energy and focus, will play an even more pivotal role”.

The newly created function will report on a day to day basis to the Group Ceo and will work closely with the SEC Management Committee, which will guide the evolution and implementation of the new function during its quarterly sessions.