In an increasing competitive scenario global PR firms operating in the reputation management and advocacy sectors are called to foster their networking abilities and to strength their access to the highest level of insight and analysis on policy making and economics.

This consideration led Italian Global PR Group SEC to borrow from the legal field the figure of the “of counsel”, a professional at a very senior partner level supporting the operations and business development tackling specific tasks and subjects.

In this framework SEC launched a selection campaign aiming at securing the professional and advisor support of external experts who have been since recent times at the forefront of politics, economics and social life. The of counsels will be supporting SEC operations across the world when projects, clients and contexts will require an extra effort to bring sensitive and very senior understanding. At the same time the senior advisors might co-operate with the Group in the development of specific business areas.

The first appointment comes with Mr Mario Mauro, a former Ministry of Defence in the Italian Government from 2013 to 2014 under the presidency of Enrico Letta, until last elections e member of the Senate and a long term European MP serving at Strasbourg for three mandates from 1999 to 2013 being nominated as one of the Vice Presidents of the European Institution (see detailed bio for further info).

Fiorenzo Tagliabue – the Group CEO – commenting the first hire of SEC of counsel team Mario Mauro declared “it is paramount for us to expand our insight and analytical powers in all key sectors since the market is always seeking for added value service that only relies on knowledge, relations and innovation. With the of counsel plan we are tackling both the knowledge and relations issues with a first hire of outstanding absolute value such as Mr Mauro whose career and experience in politics spans from European Institutions to national government”.

“I wish to give Mario Mauro – Tagliabue adds – a very warm welcome and I am sure we will all take advantage from his experience as a Group”.

SEC will be soon implementing the of counsel list introducing other senior advisors with a similar profile.