At the Market Opening Ceremony today, the London Stock Exchange admits to trading on the AIM market the Ordinary Shares of  SEC S.p.A..  The IPO took place following a fundraise, placing 2,221,975 new ordinary shares at placing price of 151 pence (1.80 euro) each.

The placing successfully raised over €4 million which will be used by the Group to execute and integrate European acquisitions, the first step of a long term project that will see both an expansion in America and Asia and further specialization in the digital area.

"We are very pleased." said Fiorenzo Tagliabue, CEO and founder of the Company “That even at a time of high volatility in the markets, that have dissuaded more than one company to list, we have decided to continue the listing process and are the first business to IPO in London since Brexit, convinced that we will attract interest from investors. The listing primarily allows us to maintain a consistent 'visibility' that comes with the international positioning we have so far pursued and realized, thanks to the acquisitions carried out in Belgium, Spain and Germany, that the funds raised from the IPO will allow us to grow with further enthusiasm.”

"With the listing, we set out to become a public company, with a more significant participation for those who collaborate with us, in Italy and abroad. We would like to express gratitude to all our employees for their commitment and professionalism expressed over the years, the foundation of the Company's success." points out Cesare Valli, SEC S.p.A. Managing Director.

At the time of the IPO, it takes office the new Board of Director that welcomes three independent members, from 2016-2018 - Luigi Roth, Chairman; Nigel Payne and David Mathewson as Non-Executive Directors – together with Fiorenzo Tagliabue, CEO, Tom Parker and Cesare Valli, Managing Directors, and Anna Milito, CFO.

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